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VRJ Machinery Co., Ltd
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VRJ-AAF Aerosol Filling Machine
This automatic aerosol filling line mainly consists of unscrambler, filling device, capping device, conveyor.
1. Conveyor: Stainless steel main panel and side panels, 2440mm?3 sections; plate in 2mm thickness made of 304 stainless steel.
2. Filling device: Equipped with an air blowing head and 3 filling heads, fully-pneumatic control, and each head can be controlled separately; a set of ø65mm aerosol can holder and can guidance panel are provided; main pneumatic control devices are introduced from Italy and Japan. It features: no material is discharged in absence of aerosol can. #304 stainless steel.
3. Injecting and Capping device: provided with a vacuum head, a capping head, 3 injecting heads. It features: guiding devices are provided at both capping heads and injecting heads. #304 stainless steel.
4. Control System: The main body including the aerosol filler and the capping and injecting device is under pneumatic control. With high efficiency, safe, simple and reliable operation and easy maintenance.
scope of speed: 4.5-23r/min.;
0.75kw anti-blast motor and anti-blast switch are attached;
5. Safety guarantee: Anti-blast motors are applied for tin unscrambler device and the conveyor; the circuit is through PVC pipes and anti-blast junction boxes, connected by anti-blast switch; the main body is absent from power supply; the casing is grounding to prevent electrostatic; both aerosol filler and injecting device are protected by cabinet (stainless steel frame with 4mm transparent organic glass) to prevent injury due to can blasting.

Production Capacity : 30-50 tins/minute
Main drive motor powe:r 0.75KW
Electric control box and heat pipe type: Blast proof type
Air Pressure :0.3-0.6MPa
Maximum air consumption : 0.6m3/min
Applicable Tin Dia : 35-65mm
Applicable Tin Ht : 80-330mm
Accuracy Item : Parameter
Filling Accuracy : <=±1%
Air Filling Accuracy : <=±1%%
Air Filling Capacity: 50-750ml

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